My dad, introducing me to the ultimate power tool

Writing: Gift and Duty

I’ve identified as a writer for just about as long as I can remember.

But I’ve often had a conflicting relationship with writing. Almost like it was an obligation that I was stuck with.

In my childhood and teenage years, my sense of identity and self-esteem were unstable and broken…

Do you ever feel voiceless?

It’s all too easy for some of us to eventually lose our voices in this world. This is a noisy planet, often bursting at the seams with animosity, judgment, and despair.

Sometimes we’re punished and abandoned for speaking our minds.

Sometimes we’re silenced by institutions…

Some have kindly mistaken me for possessing great strength.

Or courage.

Even wisdom.

Because I’m drug-free after years of excess.

Because I lost weight.

Because just about everything about me changed dramatically for the better, after what seemed like forever of being stuck and hopeless.

Let’s be clear.

Strength, courage…

Andrew L. Hicks

I’m here to empower my fellow late-bloomers to transcend arrested development and make strides toward proper adulting.

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